What the press is saying
about the 2016 vintage

Quintessential Mosel! We love the Schieferterrassen: golden yellow in the glass, fine yeast-laced aromas, soft texture and dense savory herbal notes, with a grippy, well integrated acidity and juicy, satisfying extracts. A Riesling can’t possibly offer much more." Gault & Millau

An unbelievable spectacle achieved within the slate canyon that forms the ‘high north’ of the German winegrowing region. Rieslings of radiant fruitiness, eccentric minerality, bizarre saltiness... 2016 Uhlen Laubach: Smoky aromas, with accents of hyacinth and marzipan. Salty, crunchy fruit and dynamic slate, 3D flavor explosion. Tremendous.” At 98 points, this wine ranks in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung’s Top 4 for the 2016 vintage in Germany. FAZ, Fabian und Cornelius Lange

Wine Advocate: __Pinot Noir vom Schiefer (89). beautifully fine, refreshing acidity, mineral crystallinity and a pretty long, intense and tightly structured finish with notes of sour cherries and redcurrant __Schieferterrassen (89) ripe and flinty on the nose, spicy and piquant, with lingering salinity and intense fruit on the palate __Von blauem Schiefer (91) pure and flinty on the nose and palate, juicy fruit, good power and piquant-mineral acidity, This is enormously piquant and lush __Kirchberg (91) super ripe and flinty on the nose, with caramelly aromas. Pure, fresh and mineral, with a fine, mineral structure and lingering salinity __Stolzenberg (92) super clear, deep and flinty on the nose, seriously complex, intensity and piquant, mineral acidity. The finish is long, tensioned and salty, with grip and a persistent finish __Röttgen (93) pure and flinty, bright fruit and mineral aromas, piquant, fresh and well structured as well as intense and persistent with cacao flavors in the finish, terribly fresh and piquant, remarkable __Uhlen B (93+) pure, fresh and rich at the same time, with flinty aromas on the nose. Full-bodied, precise and piquant on the palate, elegant, fresh and salty…with a lot of tension and length, powerful,long __Uhlen L (93) shows licorice, flinty and bright fruit aromas, juicy, piquant and tensioned on the palate, intense and complex, lush and intense fruit, the finish is long and promising __Uhlen R (93-94) a flinty-mineral, very deep, precise and flinty bouquet, on the palate tensioned, very mineral and energetic with lingering salinity, Full-bodied and full of tension, very promising R. Parker Wine Advocate, S.Reinhardt

Uhlen Blaufüsser Lay took first place in the “Top Eleven” with 96 points. “Radiant, pale gold, lovely nose, white peach, pineapples, fresh herbal aromas, marjoram, sage; dense, powerful, yet tense, polished tannins, creamy, slatey minerality, incredible length.” Uhlen Laubach with 95/100. “Pineapples, delicate aromas, candied citrus fruits, bergamot, extremely juicy, natural interplay of sweetness and acidity, fine-grained tannins, smooth slately minerality.” meiningers sommelier, Sacha Speicher

Kirchberg 93pt: "dramatic and complex", Uhlen Blaufüßer Lay 94pt: "great combination of ripeness with racy freshness", Röttgen 95pt: "Very concentrated and ripe,great energy and originality", Uhlen Laubach 96pt: "makes you feel that you are floating on the clouds that hang in the Mosel Valley". jamessuckling.com, Stuart Pigott

Uhlen Blaufüßer Lay: 94 points. “Dense, powerful, yet with incredible tension,” followed by 93 points each for Kirchberg, “minerality, raw texture”, Röttgen: “Lovely, fresh aromas, great body, green tea, fine tannins” and Uhlen Laubach: “Very delicate aromas, extremely delicate, smooth slatey minerality”. . WeinWirtschaft 18/2017

Heymann-Löwenstein’s wines are leaders in their class. Kirchenberg (92+), Röttgen (92+). Uhlen "Blaufüsser Lay" (93). Tremendous potential, concentrated and complex flavors” and with 94+ points, Uhlen "Laubach” earns itself a place in the top 3 best wines of the vintage. . vinbladet.dk, Lars Dalgaard

Huffington Post lauds Uhlen Laubach as one of two Mosel wines ‘with heart and soul.’ It “charms with deep, herbal spices flanked by delicate white peach notes.” Huffintonpost.de, Markus Vahlefeld

Some 98-99+ points for the Röttgen, whose power and complexity is showing even better than during the barrel tasting. Following right on its heels comes the Laubach, a wine I perpetually underestimate at barrel tastings. Although Roth Lay is still in the barrel, if you stack it up against Röttgen and Laubach it’s sure to achieve 100 points. Löwenstein is one of those wines whose clarity and precision show better in the bottle than in the barrel. Incredible!” H.Lobenberg, blog.gute-weine.de

One of the “10 Best German Rieslings — taut and spicy, concentrated and dense” — 2016 Röttgen earns the top stop as a “powerful surprise from the terrace Mosel, with a gorgeous spiciness.” W.Faßbender, Neue Züricher Zeitung

Heymann-Löwenstein makes a statement with his formidable line-up of GG wines and a recognizable return to greater nuance and terroir. The most cool and clarion of all the GG wines is the Uhlen Röttgen — its stony minerality suggests at every turn that it was hewn from Germany's most vertigo-inducing vineyard, while the Blaufüsser Lay and Uhlen Laubach add an extra dimension to the discussion.” 17.5 points for Kirchberg, 18.5 points each for Röttgen, Uhlen Blaufüßer Lay and Uhlen Laubach. Giuseppe Lauria, Weinwisser

The wine-growing region Mosel-Saar-Ruwer is led by the impressive range of Heymann-Löwenstein wines: Röttgen offers incredible momentum, and the visionary Uhlen easily earns its 95-97 points, like liquid dreams from wild fairy tales.” Nikolas Rechenberg, www.nikos-weinwelten.de

With his Uhlen Laubach, Heymann-Löwenstein presents a convincing argument for the wild and thrilling side of the Mosel.” Bonner General-Anzeiger, C.Fischer und C. Maurer

BAt the "BerlinRieslingCup,” the prestigious, annual blind tasting by wine freaks, the top four wines each hit 93 points — the Uhlen Laubach among them. BerlinRieslingCup

Highly elegant wines with finely detailed terroir nuances.” With its “delicate herbal aromas and flinty spice,” Uhlen Blaufüsser Lay reigns as one of the best of the German Grand Crus. Fantastic wine, plain and simple. wein.pur, D.Dejenga